Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Visit New Orleans This Holiday Season

Winter is coming and below are top reasons why your next holiday vacation should be in new Orleans.

Reason#1: The caroling in Jackson Square

This tradition started since 1946 and is still as exciting as before. Each year, some amateur and professional choirs will gather together to sing everybody's favorite holiday songs while the lighting of bonfires along Mississipi takes place, welcoming the Christmas Eve. The lighting of "Papa Noel's" way is one of the unique Christian traditions which can only be witnessed in New Orleans.

Reason#2: The exemplary Grand Hotels

The holiday season in New Orleans is indeed grand. If you would sign up your holiday vacation with New Orleans tours and get booked at the Grand Hotel, you will experience a luxury Christmas vacation, at an affordable rate. The Grand Hotel, during December, alongside with the lushness of winter wonderland theme in the hotel's lobby, comes the grandest Christmas tree of 1,500 feet with 25,000 lights, a huge toy train, and a nice and warm gingerbread house.

Reason #3: The music and food

New Orleans is widely known for its music all year round. However, what makes December special is the Holiday music played on classic jazz. Additionally, if you are a certified foodie, you should need to check Reveillon, where people from Creole will start the feast at 2 a.m. in preparation for Christmas Eve. Interesting right? So, instead of using craigslist to look for the right people who can help you tour around the city, all you need is to contact New Orleans tours now. And there are a lot of reasons why you need to visit New Orleans during the holiday and to add another reason - you have New Orleans tours to lean on. All you need to do is call for more info.